Fellowship Programmes

FTCL in Education Studies

The advanced diploma of Fellowship (FTCL) in Education Studies is awarded to experienced drama and communication tutors and teachers who demonstrate mastery of expertise in their profession. It is a Level 7 qualification on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) scale, which is equivalent to a Master’s degree. The QCF is jointly regulated by the England’s regulator Ofqual, Wales’ DCELLS and Northern Ireland’s CCEA.

You can access the qualification information/ approval here: https://register.ofqual.gov.uk/Detail/Index/19671?category=qualifications

Candidates can specialise in the teaching areas of: Speech and Drama, Performance Arts, Musical Theatre, Communication Skills, or Applied Drama. The qualification has a credit value of 240 credits (2400 learning hours; min. 2250 independent studies and up to 150 hours of guidance) and consists of two units – (1) A dissertation (2) An oral presentation and examination. The qualification can be completed within 1 year (or 5 years maximum). The awarding institution is Trinity College London, an international examination board recognized by Ofqual, UK.

For more information on the awarding organization, visit: http://www.trinitycollege.com/

Comparing UK’s qualification framework with Malaysia’s

Malaysian MQF:

[docupress-document url=’https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4wrlWfQqh2ueU9HVGVVcTFoek0/view?usp=drive_web’/]

Theatrex Asia provides guidance and academic supervision in the following areas:

1. Candidate Registration

2. Preparation of the Research Proposal (an essential document needed to be approved by Trinity College London prior to embarking on the research)

3. Literature review, research process and final writing up of the dissertation

4. Preparation of the Oral Presentation and Examination

Supervision sessions are conducted over SKYPE (or in person, depending on the location). While we operate mainly within Southeast Asia, we are happy to consider candidates from Asia. The rate of the supervision is dependent on a number of factors: your location | your experience | your education background | number of sessions required etc. Please contact us at so that we can better advise you.