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  • Ovidia says:

    hi richard, thanks for your review! i agree with your points, especially the last--yes, i am very conscious of ‘public perception’ thing and will try to do something about that… but am also afraid we may shy away from mentioning certain real aspects of our lives for fear of ‘bad press’--which may be just what creates those aspects… i know that’s not expressing it very well… but all the instinctive hiding & expecting criticism/condemnation that are often a part of gay life in singapore can lead a person in an abusive gay relationship to feel he/she ‘deserves’ the treatment. that was the point i was trying to put across at the end of the piece--we need to make sure people in such situations realise there is nothing to be ashamed of in themselves or their inclinations and nobody has a right to abuse them (even if our men can be legally caned & imprisoned and singapore churches are seeking similar penalties for our women…) um… do you see how warped things turn out and why i find it easier to write plays than reviews or essays? thanks for coming to watch. and your responses to the staging were so close to mine i may need you to go swear, hand on heart, to action theatre that i did not put you up to writing the piece!!!!!! ovidia

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