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Theatrex Asia
Mission Statement

Since 2002, with a small wish to connect peoples (mainly artists) making good artistic works, Theatrex Asia and founder Richard Chua have travelled to many different cities in the Chinese-speaking cities in Asia to inform, discuss and educate about the need to engage artists in conversations. As much as the complexities in Asia have made connecting artists difficult, mainly due to translation problems, for Richard is only conversant in two languages: English and Chinese. 

Going back to the fundamentals, Theatrex Asia has decided to focus on simple, clear and in-depth research and conversations with people in the arts and culture (and other areas).

In September 2014, Theatrex Asia has expanded its editorial interest, from the staple Performing Arts to include Culture, Design, Politics and Education. With a gradual change in its editorial direction, the Southeast Asian online magazine will attempt to connect with new readers and audiences through online — and hopefully print — publication. Events encouraging more intellectual and aesthetic exchanges will continue be held.

Connecting Peoples; Making a Difference

Key People:

Chief Editor, Theatrex Asia | Co-Editor, Journal of Theatrex Asia: Richard Chua 

Co-Editor, Journal of Theatrex Asia | Coordinator, Fellowship Programme: Dr. Benny Lim