• Tracy Chan says:

    [His body exhibits gravitas in portraying the quietness and stillness of the elder version of the protagonist, while Lu converses with him as his younger self.]

    Hi, I am Yi Jing's eldest sister. Please allow me to express my point of view for the particular opinion I have highlighted above as I am part of Yi Jing's life journey especially in the recent period of time.

    I can accept the look back [Lu converses with him as his younger self] because what has past is fact; but I strongly disagree with the pessimistic assumption of [His body exhibits gravitas in portraying the quietness and stillness of the elder version of the protagonist] because nobody can foresee the future. It is irresponsible and selfish to predict our future. No, I am not rebuking. I care and love both of them. The performance brought tears into my eyes because every moment, every part speaks. It was indeed an amazing performance!

    I went through and experienced part of the most traumatic and horrible moments of my little brother's life. I thank God for the courage and strength that enable me to overcome the challenges during this period of time. It is still on going. If I allow myself to immerse in self-pity, I wouldn’t have gone so far.

    Lu is not Yi Jing and Yi Jing is not Lu. Yi Jing had successfully interpreted Nijinsky through his dance many years ago yet he is not Nijinsky. He will never be Nijinsky and Lu will never be Yi Jing. We will never be somebody else. Our responsibility as a human being is to do our best as who and what we are for we are planted in this blue planet for a purpose.

    We live a purpose driven lives. We can choose to make the stumbling stones our stepping stones. It's a matter of choice.

    Dear Lu & Yi Jing, let me repeat my comment on Facebook one more time. Please ponder about it and live it out. [Memento Mori means "remember that you must die"] — It reminded me of an life transforming message in the Bible ~~ Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. (一 粒 麦 子 不 落 在 地 里 死 了 , 仍 旧 是 一 粒 , 若 是 死 了 , 就 结 出 许 多 子 粒 来 。)

    It doesn't mean physical death but it simply means to lay aside the old self and put on the new self (…脱 去 从 前 行 为 上 的 旧 人 …将 心 志 改 换 一 新 , 并 且 穿 上 新 人…) and move on so that others will be blessed through the transformation of your lives.

    Let your light shine!

    • richardchua says:

      Dear, Tracy.

      Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it very much.

      Please allow me to clarify: I did not interpret — it has never been my intention -- Yijing's performance as attempting to play an elder him or Lu, but playing an elder version of the character in the dance piece that could be any person in this world. As gleaned from Lu's response at the talk back session last Friday, both him and Yijing (at certain points in time) were playing the alter-egos of the same character.

      With regards to your perception that my statement is pessimistic, conversely, what I am suggesting is that the "quietness and stillness of the elder version of the protagonist" has been optimistically — and with much hope too --portrayed by Yijing through his movement in the first scene, not to mention through his munching of chips and the burger to much enjoyment.

      To me, nothing in life is absolutely pessimistic, for in the continuum of pessimism, there are parts that bear the lighter, or darker shades of pessimism. Similarly it applies to optimism as well.


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