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  • Dear Richard

    I don't normally look up stuff on Internet let alone my own.. But my mom who is always inquisite and loves books decided to loan an iPad from the library cuz she wants to learn n understand these technologies that seem to baffle many her generation. So there I was explaining things and of course she didn't know how to close task bars n close pages n so the iPad lagged and as I started clearing things, I realized that she had been busy looking at things concerning me… Ie. she googled my name, and suddenly there are songs related to my late grandma, and then stumbling on this article.

    When I did Salusuah, the original intent was to talk about my then still alive soulmate, my grandmother, but somehow things took a turn and my late dad took on a dominance in the piece tht I did not anticipate, by went with the flow anyway… It was a personal journey to understand realize and evoke apart from remembering…

    The following year, my grandmother passed away while I was away… It has been three years. Then she refused to let me filmed or document her with pictures or video.. It oes not matter, the movies in my mind are far more vivid…

    Today of all days I stumbled upon your article and suddenly, "ping" something that I've been trying to look for , for I have in recent months decided that its time I revisit this piece, but things have changed for all characters in the piece apart from me of course have passed on… My outlook and how I see n perceive have changed drastically due to a tempestuous sea change that came to full awe when death seem to end an old life… There's a verse in the Quran tht says, " the age of weening is 18 months and life begins at 40…" So I guess in hindsight, it is total destruction of old so that life can begin…. I'm a baby again except I feel older..

    Thank you for your faith and seeing what others don't, for if God speaks to prophets and messengers through Revelation, He certainly speaks to s through Inspiration and inspiration being something "living", stumbling upon this was not coincidence but Co-Incident… The building blocks suddenly unravel by inspiration..

    Thank you Richard for being the Vessel of Inspiration , in this case, a very personal messenger of that Inspiration.

    God Bless

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